About Me


Hey! My name is Tully Robinson and I'm a programmer from Sydney, Australia.

I find myself most at home in the open source and tech startup worlds. These two communities are full of the types of people I look up to and try to be like. They also tend to create the most enjoyable environments for developing.

I am always for a free and open world when it comes to non-personal information or technology that can benefit society; guarding useful information for personal gain is one of the sickest exploitations. I hope to contribute to the ideal of a more open and accessible world in a meaningful way some day.

Right now, I'm working on a few of my own projects while studying Computer Science at UNSW.

How did I get into programming?

At one point I was pretty keen on commerce/finance; however, after a semester of it, I became fairly disillusioned with the whole idea. I transitioned into the mathematical side of things after discovering mathematical finance which involves the use of quantitative methods for the analyses of financial markets: methods that are often manifested in code. C++ was the lingua franca of quants, so, as well as enrolling in as many maths subjects as I possibly could, I began to teach myself C++ online.

I had no idea what I was doing and wrote some pretty awful code, but it was fun, and I managed to create a working annuity calculator with a sweet command line interface by the end of the semester.

Writing code in my spare time quickly turned into writing code all the time, and after spending my summer break doing just that, it was obvious that I had found my passion. I decided to start afresh in a computer science degree and have been in pure bliss mode ever since.

What else?

I used to play golf fairly seriously, and before that, I played poker online a lot. I still enjoy both, as well as trivia and design of all kinds (when it doesn't frustrate the bajeegles out of me), although, since I enjoy coding most of all, I typically end up doing that in my spare time as well (such a nerd!).


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